Help Us Stop The Strike

We are committed to running an effective, strong, and public strike. The best way to ensure we can all get back to work, and, more importantly, back to learning, is to lend your public support.

You can do so in a number of ways:

Sign Our Petition
We currently have a petition set up on, to demand the University of Toronto to bargain in good faith, recognize the validity of CUPE3902’s demands for living wages, and stop jeopardizing students.

Join Our Public Rallies
We will be holding a public rally at 3pm on February 26th, in front of Simcoe Hall, King’s College Circle, for more information, please

Send Our Open Letter
Fill in your name, program and position and click send! Upon clicking send, the email will be sent to Professor Angela Hildyard, the Vice President for Human Resources & Equity and Professor Cheryl Regehr, the Provost.

Professor Angela Hildyard, Vice President for Human Resources & Equity
Professor Cheryl Regehr, Provost

Dear Professors Hildyard and Regehr,

I am writing to express my concern about the impending strike and to signal my support for the TAs, course instructors, exam invigilators, lab assistants, and all the other contracted education workers who make this university run. CUPE3902’s proposals for living wages, job security, and working conditions are fair and reasonable, and have a direct impact on my learning conditions.

You have claimed that the University’s hands are tied because of an Ontario Government directive, and “challenging fiscal realities.”

However, U of T recently forecast a $200 million income stream for 2014 / 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has said that universities are autonomous in labour relations, and a number of other universities in Ontario have granted significant wage increases and job security guarantees to educational employees.

In addition, the university spends only 3.5% of its almost $2 billion yearly operating budget on contract education workers who are responsible for 65% of teaching. Most of the educators responsible for my education earn 35% under the poverty line. This situation is entirely unacceptable.

Most of your operating budget comes from tuition fees and taxes. Why don’t you spend it on my learning conditions? Why are you pushing the university toward a damaging strike? Why have you refused to take the very basic step of coming to the bargaining table or even speaking to undergraduate students? Why do you continue to hide behind the logic of austerity when the numbers simply don’t support your position?

I demand that the university abandon its false claims around fiscal austerity, bargain in good faith, and agree to CUPE3902’s demands for living wages.

If a strike happens I can ensure you that my TAs and course instructors will have my full support.


[Your Name]
[Your Program], [Your Position]